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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Petit Four flop

Last week my sister Laura and I were inspired to make petit fours to celebrate our other sister, Cherie's, birthday. Petit fours are cute, dainty, sweet, and tasty little bites of cake...so they were a great idea for a special occasion, right?

They are supposed to be tiny and cute!

As it turns out, petit fours are not easy to make. Ours didn't look cute, dainty, or sweet. It sure seems like I've made a lot of flops, doesn't it? Pretty soon I'll have to make something successful. But until then, I'll entertain everyone with the things that bomb. I know everyone is probably snickering that I can't even make a cute little petit four, but seriously, it isn't as easy as it sounds.

We followed a magazine article and I had checked out some how-to videos on you tube. First we cut the top off of a pound cake to give it exact squareness.
Then we cubed it.
Stopped to take a picture of ourselves (give us a break, we had been swimming).
Then we poured frosting on top and garnished with almonds and coconut. I think we might have been more successful if we had used store bought frosting (for consistency), but I do admit that our frostings were delicious! We did an almond frosting and a coconut one and I'm sure the real butter made a difference too.
Ta Da! The final product! Not as gorgeous as we'd hopped, but still pretty yummy!


scubamom said...

Well looks aren't everything...they were pretty darn tastey! That icing was so YUMMY!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Those actually aren't bad at all! I tried making petit fours once, and it was baaaaadddd! Lol ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! They actually look BETTER in the photo than they did in person. Did you use photoshop? J/K. It was fun, even though I wasn't much help paste tasting and giving bad advice!

Pam said...

They look great and I can imagine how delicious they are! Your baby is adorable! Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

I think your petit fours look pretty good. I've never made them but there are a lot of steps and they are much more difficult than they look.

Monica H