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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mickey Cake Pops-Attempt #1

I saw the character cake pops on Bakerella's blogsite and knew that I had to try them. I decided to try them on my parents because I knew they wouldn't give me too hard of a time if they flopped. And they kind of did flop. Apparently cake pops are a bit of an art form. But I'm really glad I practiced them and got a feel for what works and what doesn't. I tried them again a few days later for my grandma's birthday and they turned out waaaayyyy better. They looked prettier and tasted much more yummy. I promise to blog them next!

Step one: Bake a cake. I made a strawberry cake from a box mix.

Step two: Crumble cake and mix with frosting. I made a chocolate butter cream frosting. I think this was a mistake because it was much too soft. And the strawberry and chocolate combo was okay, but not my favorite.

Step three: Form into balls, add chocolate melts for ears and attach sucker stick. This is when I was getting worried that this was a disaster. But I stuck them in the freezer and a half hour later I was able to shape them a little better. After being shaped into smoother balls, I froze them overnight before step four.

Step four: Melt chocolate, dip Mickeys and allow to set before enjoying!

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4handfulls said...

I can't wait to see try #2!