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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mickey Cake Pops-Attempt #2

My second round of Mickey Pops were successfully adorable and delicious. I think several factors went into their final outcome. The flavor combination was perfect: a homemade chocolate cake with a store bought German chocolate frosting. The store bought frosting holds the cake together better than homemade. I also think they turned out better because I had a higher quality dipping chocolate.

Here is the hot cake out of the oven.

Cake mixed with frosting.

Balls formed, ears and sticks added and ready for the freezer.

This time I used a small crockpot to melt the chocolate, which worked wonderfully. It kept the chocolate the perfect temperature the whole time. I mostly poured the chocolate over the Mickeys since their ears were chocolate melts and if I had dipped them, the ears would have melted right into the batch of chocolate!

And didn't they turn out cute? Happy Birthday Grandma!


4handfulls said...

Super cute! Love seeing Granny with them.

Babaganoosh said...

You should have seen John devour them and go at that chocolate gravy too. I had to pass on the third time we had chocolate gravy though, not by choice, someone has to work around here.