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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cookie Monster Birthday Treats

I had so much fun making Dillon's first birthday treats! I got the idea months ago and I'm really proud of myself that they turned out so well. Now I can't wait until next year!

The party favors were something I dreamed up awhile back. Cookies covered with blue melting chocolate, marshmallow and chocolate eyes and a melting chocolate for a mouth.

The cupcakes were not my idea, although I wish I could take the credit for this awesome cuteness! I have seen people do it all different ways (some better than others) and I was really pleased with the outcome. Homemade chocolate cake and butter cream frosting, rolled in coconut, white and regular melting chocolate eyes and Chips Ahoy cookies stuffed in their adorable little monster mouths.

And what kind of ice cream would Cookie Monster want? Cookies and cream of course!

At first cake attempt Dillon was over tired and a little worn out from the crowd. He cried while we sang and when I tried to give him a taste. But later, after the crowd died down, he chilled out, ate, and discovered the deliciousness of cake and ice cream!

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Anonymous said...

These are super cute- I've never seen them made with colored coconut, but he looks so realistic!

Monica H